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Students 7-18yrs

£14 per class

Thursday Eve: 6:30pm-9:30pm

Friday Eve: 6:30pm-9:30pm

Sunday Aft: 1pm-4pm

Sunday Eve: 5pm-8pm



Interdisciplinary Performance Training

Musical Theatre as a genre has expanded exponentially and this challenging popular artform, demanding proficiency in singing, dance and acting from performers, now spans every musical style imaginable. To ensure success we embrace a diverse curriculum with emphasis on technique and presentation. 

VTS Musical Theatre Students undertake three fifty minute classes (all on the same day) each week. One class in dance, one in acting and one in singing, each led by a specialist teacher.

This course aims to promote versatility and to produce strong multi-skilled performers.

We love meeting new people who are interested in performance and so we'd like to offer you a FREE VIP CLASS PASS enabling you to join us as our guest.

This is the perfect opportunity to meet our team, check out our studio and generally get a feel for what being a student at VTS involves. There is no obligation to enrol whatsoever and our welcoming staff team will be on hand to support you throughout. 

Free Children's Theatre Stage and Performance class Glasgow

Students taking more than one course at Vivace Theatre School benefit from a 20% discount on additional classes

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