Benefits Of Pursuing Ballet

February 1, 2016



Parents always want the best for their kids. Sports and arts have helped a lot of young men and women to be well rounded, but have you ever considered ballet?


There are all kinds of afterschool activities kids are into these days. Things like sports, some are even taking music and instrument lessons such as piano or violin. Another great medium for girls and boys is dancing and they can start very young.



In the Ibusy world of dance with Tap dancing, Latin dance, Hip-hop and other forms classic ballet may have been overlooked. In order to improve your other types of dancing, acting, modeling and even sports, ballet is the backbone and structure.

Kids around ages three and four can start pre-ballet classes. For new students being in a room with mirrors and a bar is exciting and something new. Learning new things is easier for young children. They quickly learn to adapt than when they are older. So beginning ballet at an early age a child is not just learning a valued art form but getting life training for what’s ahead. We at Vivace Theatre School have a great ballet program and it will get children working on the basic foundations such as


  • Following instructions

  • Learn new positions, steps, and gain discipline

  • Control their bodies in motion, balance and co-ordination

  • Learn how to engage and perform comfortable in groups

  • Daily exercise and activity

  • A bonus! they make new friends

As students continues to pursue ballet more benefits will start to emerge, especially into the teenage years.

  • Their muscles become stronger as they learn from technique

  • Pride in their bodies and what they can accomplish while gaining a sense of self-confidence

  • Tap, Jazz and other forms of dance will come easier from the skill they take from ballet

  • Learn the how to work and perform for what they want

  • A bonus! proper nutrition intake



So now that you know the benefits of this form of dance, you now have another option as an afterschool activity. You can check out our classes out Here, just image your child one day could be across the country dancing on stages or beyond. 















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