7 Tips For A Beginner Dancer

October 12, 2016





Feeling an urge to take a dance class, this is the time to listen to that inner voice!
When starting something new you may feel nervous or have a lot of questions. Don’t worry we have put together some tips to help new dancers.



1.  Dance is not about being good technically, it’ about Joy. When you are in a dance class you 100% belong there, regardless of your dance level or ability. 



2.   It’s OK to be a beginner, we often expect perfection from ourselves.  Expecting perfection sets you up for failure, and brings up feelings of embarrassment or frustration, which in turn can make it hard to learn.  If a movement is hard or doesn’t come easily don’t be so harsh on yourself. Instead, try to bring some compassion to your process, and give thanks for taking the chance to learn something new. With practice and time, the knowledge will come.



3.   Don’t hide, new dancers have a tendency to out in the back of class, but actually the front is where it’s at. You want to make sure you can see the teacher; this will help you to visually follow what the teacher is demonstrating for the class.



4.   Open all your senses and pay close attention. Listen to everything the teacher says even if it’s feedback to another student it is valuable information that can apply to the whole class. Over time you will pick up material quickly and with more ease, just be patient and always observe. 



5.    Make new friends don’t be afraid to introduce yourself, you already share something in common with everyone in your class. Dance friendship can be a rich source of inspiration, joy, and wisdom that will support you in your dance journey for the years to come.



6.   Practice makes perfect, pick at least one movement or exercise that you really liked and practice it.  There is a lot of material to take in and absorb in a dance class and it takes time and repetition to attain mastery (practice at home).



7.    Attend regularly, the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. When juggling a packed schedule dance is usually the first thing that is crossed out, don’t give in to being busy. Committing to one class each week is a statement of self-love. Benefits of staying in dance: improved mood, greater physical fitness, positive social engagement, stress relief, etc.



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