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This week is our penultimate episode of Early Stages Adventures with VTS tutor Jamie Lee. To mark this event we are heading out for a nice meal someplace fancy! Watch out for a special announcement at the end of the session!

The VTS Early Stages programme is designed to be a fun introduction to performance for students aged 3-7 years. Covering all of the basics, our Early Stages students build a solid foundation and understanding of stagecraft. Taught in engaging and playful ways, our team use all of their expertise to ignite a passion and curiosity for performance in our youngest students.


We'd love to see any pictures or video of your little ones enjoying it and/or their 'homework' art! Please share on our socials/email so that Jamie Lee can catch up with you all. 


“Ladies and gents, this is the moment you've waited for!”

- PT Barnum

Everyone’s got an act and we want to see yours! Despite the current challenges, creativity is not cancelled. Our studio doors may be locked but this is a time that the world needs art and entertainment more than ever.

Determined to continue to provide a platform for young people to shine, VTS are launching ‘This Is The Greatest (OnLine) Show’ - a celebration of young performers talents. From singers to dancers, actors to comedians, gymnasts to creative writers or musicians to magicians we want to hear from you! Whatever your talent please record a short video and send it to us.

Don’t want to perform alone? No problem! Whether you rope in a sibling, your parents, your pet or utilise the power of technology to enter with friends, the purpose of our talent contest is to connect us all through the arts so group entries are definitely welcomed!

Entries will be divided into categories and will be judged based on age, skill and sheer entertainment factor. We hope to share some of our favourites with you all via our social channels (with the entrants permission) and the project will culminate in a live streamed finale.

Entering is simple
1. Record your act.
2. Click this link - https://www.dropbox.com/request/uChnpDJAxPpbm8xnWx4a
3. Select your file.
4. Add your details so we can get back to you. Click upload!

Up for grabs will of course be the gratification of taking part, the warm fuzzy feeling generated from bringing joy to an audience and some fantastic prizes. Everyone is welcome to participate so whether you are a Vivace Theatre School student or not please be assured you are more than welcome to get involved.

Empty Stage

"And we will come back home, home again" 

Our studio doors may be closed for now but #TeamVivace remain united and positive. Thank you so much to everyone who has made this project a reality!

This beautiful arrangement has been written by the wonderful Stephanie Strachan. The aim was to create something uplifting that encapsulates the Vivace spirit during this trying time and that we can all look back on when this is over.

Our talented students taught themselves their parts with just a short video tutorial to follow. This motivated self-sufficient bunch recorded themselves from their bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms and study’s and sent these clips to us to collate.

The man tasked with the difficult job of syncing all of these tracks and creating the final film was David from Mr Karma Productions. I know this was a tough job given the volume of participants and it was made more complex by the fact that we had never attempted anything like this before. David’s persistence allowed us to overcome some of the tech issues we had overlooked and we are extremely grateful for all his help!


T3 Tinies Ballet

Join VTS Dance Tutor Sharon for our second Virtual T3 Tinies Dance Class, this time in Ballet! This class is bursting with exercises for your little one to do at home so we have split it into 3 sections.


Floor Exercises - 00:28

Barre Exercises - 13:20

Centre Exercises - 22:14

Sharon is a Ballet tutor on our T3 Triple Threat tinies Dance Course. The course is especially for young dancers (3-7's). It’s a balance of technical basics and creative movement. Our Ballet classes for this programme allow us to reinforce technique in a fun and inspiring way! 


T3 Tinies HipHop

Get in the groove! 


Danielle is the VTS HipHop tutor on our T3 Triple Threat Tinies Dance Course. This course is especially for young dancers and provides a balance of technical basics and creative movement. Our HipHop classes for this programme are where super cute tiny dancers find their groove! Structured classes developing technique, musicality, co-ordination and confidence in all street dance styles. 


Please note this activity is OPEN TO ALL! Vivace students, and non Vivace students so feel free to share, or tag a pal who might be interested.


Pop Academy - Guitar

Today we are sharing a lesson by VTS Guitar Tutor Scott teaching the catchy song Dance Monkey. Its 4 repeating chords though one is a bar chord so a little tricky. If you have an old guitar laying around dig it out of the back of the cupboard and check out Scotts channel to tune it 

Scott has set up a YouTube channel which we wanted to share with you all.

Scotts easy to follow videos start from the very beginning including how to string and hold a guitar. This is a great platform for current players and also for anyone who has been wanting to learn guitar and hasn’t quite got round to it - any mums or dads up for a challenge?? 


Turn Lockdown to Rockdown!

We've found this super easy to follow guitar tutorial to Lewis Capaldi's Someone you Love and VTS Guitar Tutor Scott would love for you to give it a go! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZrJw9mAUd_s


He is really missing you all and is keen to see how you are getting on so we've set up a link to let you share your videos privately with us - https://www.dropbox.com/request/AdfIGhNo6LlUTWxc0uIL

Remember all of the VTS Show Must Go OnLine challenges are open to EVERYONE. If you are taking part we'd love to hear from you!


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