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Commercial Dance

We are delighted to announce that next week we are bringing you 3 Virtual Masterclasses in Commercial Dance by our much loved Vivace Choreographer Daniel Brawley.

Dans classes at Vivace are extremely popular with our term time regulars and never fail to impress new students at VTS Summer Schools and workshops. Dans virtual classes will be aimed at 3 different student levels - juns, Intermediates & Seniors - but there is no reason why seniors couldn’t augment the routines for younger students or indeed why younger students shouldn’t challenge themselves with some of the choreo for the older dancers!

Here is the Timetable:

Mon 6th April 10am Juniors - TRACK Touch by Little Mix
Tue 7th April 10am Intermediates - TRACK Boyfriend by Mabel
Wed 8th April 10amSeniors - TRACK Physical by Dua Lipa

Please note this activity is OPEN TO ALL! Vivace students, and non Vivace students so feel free to share, or tag a pal who might be interested.

"In the future everybody will be world famous for fifteen minutes."

- Andy Warhol

Our next OnLine activity for you all is the Lockdown Lowdown where we are challenging you all to become vloggers.

We are embracing the modern era of Influencers and Vloggers and tapping into the new digitally driven culture of internet celebrities. With schools closed, classes off and everyones family routine turned on its head during lockdown we want you to share a little of what has been going on in your home.

We are literally living through history right now and this is your opportunity to document it to look back on in years to come. With you as presenter its time to get recording and get creative!

We want to know…


- How has life changed?

- What does home schooling look like?

- What activities are keeping you and your family busy?

- What are you missing?

- Are there any unexpected positives you’ve found during this strange time?

You may want to include a video diary, interviews with family members, some skits of funny moments that have happened during the process or even a tour of your bedroom, where you’ll no doubt be spending a LOT of time!


Don’t worry this doesn’t need to be posted publicly! We’ve set up a private link which will also make it super simple for you to send on video files which are usually too big to email etc.


Here is how to go about it...

- record your videos using either a phone or iPad

- use an app like iMovie to link sections together, add special effects/music/etc and save-

Click this link - https://www.dropbox.com/request/NJzUeeEd8BA92mArgbNt

- Select your file

- Add your details so we can get back to you & click uploadEasy!


Please note this activity is OPEN TO ALL! Vivace students, non Vivace students, little kids/big kids/adults you are all invited to take part. Feel free to share, or tag a pal who might be interested.


The upload link will be live till fri and thereafter we hope to share some of the entries - but only with their permission!


Can’t wait to see what you have all been up to!


Are you ready for another adventure? Episode 2 of Jamie Lees Early Stages Adventures will be released onto our website Saturday at 10am and we would love for you to join us!


The VTS Early Stages programme is designed to be a fun introduction to performance for students aged 3-7 years. Covering all of the basics, our Early Stages students build a solid foundation and understanding of stagecraft. Taught in engaging and playful ways, our team use all of their expertise to ignite a passion and curiosity for performance in our youngest students.


We'd love to see any pictures or video of your little ones enjoying it and/or their 'homework' art! Please share on our socials/email so that Jamie Lee can catch up with you all. 


Early Stages Adventures Ep 1
ES Adventures Ep1

We are on TikTok!

We have FINALLY downloaded TikTok! I’m sure many of you are as excited as we are and to celebrate we are launching our next challenge there.


Handwash Karaoke is simple.


-Follow us on TikTok @vivace_theatre_school

-Check out our first video

-Think of a killer karaoke song

-Tag us in your video


Remember #handwashkaraoke #vivacetheatreschool

“Music is therapy, and always has been.”

Yehudi Menuhin

On Saturday 21/3 we launched Send Us Your Solos and the response was fabulous! It has really lifted us to see all the videos of your singing and having so many great performances to watch while stuck indoors has been brilliant! Its made a very strange week feel that bit more normal LOL.

With permission from those who took part Studio Manager Phillip has clipped together the short montage of some of our favourites. These clips are by kids of all different ages and levels of experience. I know for some of them putting themselves in the spotlight as soloists has been a bold move - proud teacher moment! Well done everyone and thank you so much for taking part.

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