February 25, 2016

Hip hop help students grow as Dancers and give them an energy boost

Hip hop challenges and help students grow as dancers, they get a chance to listen to and learn to the latest dance moves that their friends and popular music artists are currently doing.




Meet new friends as you share growth experience together. Hip hop helps overcome challenges and help students grow as dancers, students may have time to work together during class and outside of class.




New dance combinations will engage various muscle groups, stimulating both their mind and body. High-energy movements of a hip hop dance giving students a fantastic aerobic workout, in result of reducing stress and gives dancers muscular strength and an energy boost.




February 1, 2016



Parents always want the best for their kids. Sports and arts have helped a lot of young men and women to be well rounded, but have you ever considered ballet?


There are all kinds of afterschool activities kids are into these days. Things like sports, some are even taking music and instrument lessons such as piano or violin. Another great medium for girls and boys is dancing and they can start very young.



In the Ibusy world of dance with Tap dancing, Latin dance, Hip-hop and other forms classic ballet may have been overlooked. In order to improve your other types of dancing, acting, modeling and even sports, ballet is the backbone and structure.

Kids around ages three and four can start pre-ballet classes. For new students being in a room with mirrors and a bar is exciting and something new. Learning new things is easier for young children. They quickly learn to adapt than when they are older. So beginning ballet at an early age a child is not just learning a valued art form but getti...

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May 28, 2015

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